Hamurana Lodge


New Zealand Elements


Challenge the elements -- Ignite, flow, rise and fly high... rediscover your natural strength and balance.

Between the sunrise and fresh juices and the sunset runs, explore and expand your physical and mental potential through an individually tailored program of:


• Energizing workouts,

• Outdoor activities,

• Adrenaline rising adventure treks,

• Cultural discoveries,

• Blissful massages and spa treatments,

• Meditation, deep relaxation

• Gourmet healthy cuisine.


With schedules designed to give you space to pause, reflect, relax, talk and play. Bay of Plenty magic and breathtaking vistas make for a heavenly playground for this unique body & mind holiday. From fitness beginners to the super fit, NZ elements will leave you inspired, your body energized, your senses invigorated and your mind calmed.


Take home a great memory of team spirit and camaraderie and a deep sense of accomplishment for what you've achieved throughout the program.


Ignite, Flow, Rise and Fly High...!!!!! Rediscover your natural strength and balance.


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