Traditional Māori Healing… A Gift From The Ancient Ones

Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of Aotearoa and make up 15% of the New Zealand population.

In the past forty years there has been a revival and resurgence of traditional Māori language and the arts including traditional Māori healing.

The foundation of the bodywork or Maori healing massage is the ancient body of sacred knowledge based on universal principles dating back 4000 years. It is a taonga (treasure) passed down from our tupuna (ancestors).

Our therapist specialises in Romiromi supported by Mirimiri; a combination of deep massage, body alignment, release of blocked energy through pressure on the haemata (key body points), kaupare (ancient prayer) and counselling.

The traditional bodywork impacts the central nervous system at a cellular level. All the body systems are invigorated to help shift the body back into balance closer to its natural state of being.

A Māori healing massage can benefit people of all cultures and all ages whether you are fit and healthy or have a challenging illness.