The concept of entertaining family or friends in the privacy of our private hotel has become increasingly popular. The key to your stay is the flexibility that this provides; you can provide caterer from the fully-equipped kitchen or organize your own private chef. We also offer pricing options depending on the size of your group, ie either for taking the whole estate or for smaller groups up to 8 guests (in 4 bedrooms).

When required, Hamurana Lodge Hotel Accommodation will offer a dedicated chef and waitress service for more formal meals. We will provide breakfasts and the housekeeping team will be on duty every morning, to attend to beds, laying fires and tidying the lodge generally.

We can offer a series of activities and places to visit for every morning or afternoon of your stay or, alternatively there is a large-screen television located in our meeting room for screening TV/DVDs/Wii. A selection of board games is also available in the drawing room. A range of daily newspapers is always provided.


In today’s world, privacy and space are precious commodities, and good service is always expected yet rarely understood. Hamurana Lodge excels at all three.


You are free to come and go as you please without the hassle of worrying if you are disturbing others, or having to share facilities with other guests. There are no opening and closing times, and you are able to break convention with a midnight swim or by simply choosing to stay up all night to watch the sunrise.

For reservations or inquiries regarding any of the services offered by Hamurana Lodge Hotel Accommodation contact us at : +64 7 332 2222 or by e-mail at